Privacy Policy (For Now)

A Common Sense Privacy Policy

Because, let’s face it, most normal people don’t bother with these things unless they’re looking for a fight.

Kathleen Ball,, and The Eftsoons Writer hold privacy as a basic human right. No one wants the age of Big Brother.

Unless you’re a psychopath or totalitarian dictator.

I am neither. Unless we’re talking about THE AUTHORSHIP QUESTION. In which case, I only recognize the man from Stratford as the answer.

All other answers will be met with “Fie upon thee!”

Unless you are particularly belligerent. Then, I reserve the right to hurl many colorfully worded Shakespeare insults in your general direction.

Ok, back to the serious stuff.

Kathleen Ball,, and The Eftsoons writer may collect certain information depending on which part of the site you are in.

Kathleen Ball

Kathleen Ball collects information strictly for the purposes of providing content writing services to clients. This information is treated with the utmost respect and is NEVER EVER shared. With anyone.

As with all creatives, I will sometimes use finished pieces in a portfolio and use links to the work I perform for any potential clients. This is with your written permission and with the patent understanding that anything I write for your business is owned by your business once the content is delivered. may use the occasional cookie (compliments of WordPress) to help save information so you can access it more easily, or to help analyzing site traffic, trends, etc.

Currently, minimal analytic software is used on the site so I’ll be able to see the number of visitors, the time, and the country of origin. I may occasionally share the number of visitors on social media.

Indeed, unless you sign up by email or like a post through the community, I can’t even see that you were a visitor. also collects email address which are stored on and may be shared with MailChimp in the future for the purposes of sharing exclusive content, keeping up with clients, and, in the fullness of time, when my novels are set to be released.

This is by request only–no annoying pop-ups demanding your email address. I have links on special sections of my site which ask if you’d like to receive updates by email.

I don’t like pop-ups. Pop Tarts now…..

The Eftsoons Writer

The Eftsoons Writer is the blog for It has little to do with content marketing, and everything to do with reading for mental health, and general happiness.

If you are signed up to receive updates about the blog, that usually happens in one of two ways:

  1. Following the blog on
  2. Signing up for email updates

If you have a account and used it to follow the blog, then the only thing I’ll see if your profile picture, username, and your site if you have one up and running.

I’ll be able to visit your site, comment on posts (depending on your settings) and so forth.

The Eftsoons Writer also has a PayPal link for you to donate specifically to the blog. This is completely separate from the Content Writing section.

Donations for the blog are used for the blog–especially for coffee, tea, domain renewal, and so forth. Also ingredients for food posts–which I have done on occasion but have suspended while I get the content writing side of the site up and running.

Since I use PayPal, I cannot all of your information. For instance, I can’t see credit cards, billing addresses, etc.

I hope I’ve addressed any concerns.

To sum up: don’t sue me–I’m a small fry. Sue the bigger fish. I just want my coffee and my books.

Oh, and a little content writing work, so if you know of anyone who needs help, send them my way!

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