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Tips for Reading The Original Historical Novel for the First Time

It naturally occurred to me that the ancient traditions and high spirits of a people who, living in a civilized age and country, retained so strong a tincture of manners belonging to an early period of society, just afford a subject favorable for romance. Sir Walter Scott Reading Waverly isn’t something you can do on the weekend.…

Did Edgar Allan Poe really write The Mummy?

Have you ever read Some Words with a Mummy? I didn’t even know it existed until I was looking for something to write about for Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday today. I’ve read Poe’s detective fiction, and I’ve read his horror fiction (of course). But, this is more comedic satire than anything else.  Tucked away in my…

Love Outlander and all things Scottish? Read Sir Walter Scott!

Have you seen those highly stylized reels on Instagram that have pictures of Edinburgh in them? If you have, then you have most likely seen a picture of the very large, very impressive memorial to Sir Walter Scott. It’s very impressive and lovely in the reels although, having seen it in person some years ago,…


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