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The Madness of Forced Childhood: Reflections on the Crusade to Sanitize Art and Literature

Two events happened this weekend that has yet again proven that the world has indeed gone mad. The first is that a private education board of a school in Tallahassee, Florida forced the school’s principal to resign after a class of 6th-graders (11/12-year-olds) saw a picture of Michelangelo’s David for a lesson on Renaissance art. The…

Selfhood and the Love Between Dido and Aeneas

Perhaps the biggest criticism anyone could make of The Aeneid is how the love story between Aeneas and Dido ends. It’s easy to blame Aeneas for his desertion.  Fair enough. Greek mythology alone has dozens of stories of women being maltreated by their male counterparts. But this is a Roman epic poem, so while it’s based on Greek mythology,…

4 Tips to Begin Mastering Your Time

You’re probably thinking this is just another post on time management, filled with the latest businesses jargon sourced from LinkedIn. But it’s not. We push time management as the secret sauce to success and to getting work done, getting that promotion, and getting to have it all.  But what if “time management” isn’t what we…

The Unusual Connection between a Roman Poet and an Irish Saint

Horatio: These are but child and whirling words, my lord. Hamlet: I am sorry they offend you, heartily, Yes, faith, heartily. Horatio: There’s no offense, my lord. Hamlet: Yes, by Patrick, but there is, Horatio, And much offense too. Touching this vision here, It is an honest ghost, that let me tell you. Hamlet, Act…


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