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The Best Advice My Father Ever Gave and Why It’s a Rallying Cry for Mental Health

A tribute for my Dad’s birthday. He would have rolled his eyes, no doubt, at one of his quotes being used for mental health awareness. He was old-fashioned that way.

But his rallying cry does have positive mental health implications and I can look back at it now and appreciate the wisdom behind the old-fashioned exterior.

I hope you can too!

Fun Ways to Appreciate Shakespeare that Don’t Involve Playing Brain Twister

Remember the torture of learning Shakespeare in school, especially if you were expected to be part of a production yourself? Ugh. I can’t imagine anything more nightmarish. Particularly if you’re an extreme introvert.  We’ve been short-changed. There are far better ways of appreciating Shakespeare than class discussion, school plays, or psychoanalyzing a couple of fictional teenagers … Continue reading Fun Ways to Appreciate Shakespeare that Don’t Involve Playing Brain Twister


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