Content Writing

This is the pure business side of the site. I offer content writing services or any business that either needs an extra hand producing written content (like articles, blog posts, and newsletters) or don’t know where to begin.

Content marketing is a long-term game—make sure your website, social media channels, and blog posts are up to the challenge!

The Blog

In school, they forced us to read the old classics before we’ve really lived. But writers like Shakespeare and Dante didn’t write for a modern teenaged audience—they wrote for beleaguered adults. My mission on the blog is to help you return to those old torture devices called “required reading” with fresh eyes.

And hopefully, with the benefit of experience.

Works in Progress

Yep, I’m a novelist too. Or aspiring to be one!

I’ve been writing snippets for years but it wasn’t until recently all those snippets wove themselves into a story.

And then that story split itself into a trilogy.

There’s a long way to go, but I have a working title, and I have some characters who I love and respect. And I’ve got the requisite egotistical Big Bad who will stop at nothing to maintain his own power and influence in the most devious of ways.

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About Me

I am an AWAI trained content writer. I specialize in blog posts, newsletters, and emails and will tackle almost any industry you present to me. Except for finance and investment. Sorry guys, I don’t know the first thing on any of that!

I’ve worked retail, customer service and administrative services for a combined 15 years.

After all that work, I wanted to focus on what I truly loved doing–writing and telling meaningful stories about the products we use and the topics which can change lives.

In business, you’re always telling a story—whether it’s the story of your capabilities as a thought leader and brand or if it’s why your product beats everything else on the market.

My blog tells a bit of my story as a writer, a consumer, and a reader.

Thank you for visiting and for reading!

New posts in your inbox

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The Boss

This little ball of fluff is Max. Short for Maxima Desima Meridia.

Yes, we named her for the main character in Gladiator. As you can see, she likes to keep me busy with snuggling and shenanigans when I’m not writing.

She also makes sure the house is run like clockwork because, you know, dishes and laundry still have to be done at some point.

She’s bossy but effective and she makes sure this particular writer’s brain stays on point.

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