K. B. Middleton, LLC

I started K. B. Middleton after 5 years of admin work left me burnt out and wanting more freedom and more writing time. K. B. Middleton, LLC specializes in writing the things your customers may not see but definitely notice when you don’t have in place.

Having well-written, well-formatted manuals and processes seems like an extra step, but they allow you to scale more rapidly and help keep your brand’s integrity. Your future employees are part of your brand too! Make sure your internal documents match your vision and values!

Best part? I was an admin, I have first-hand experience of what can happen when your manuals are confusing.

Need blog posts, product descriptions, or social media posts? I offer those services too!

The Eftsoons Writer

This is my passion project. I was the lonely kid growing up that always felt out of place. Books were my friends and my refuge. So, imagine my disappointment when I found the rest of the world largely didn’t care about reading anything aside from the latest Hollywood gossip or trendiest self-help book.

The Eftsoons Writer is there to present and explain the “Great Books” of the world for anyone who wants to level-up their mindset and move beyond the superficiality of the modern world.

Great literature comes from great thinkers, and it’s when we nourish our minds with greatness that we get true freedom in civilization.

Works in Progress

Yep, I’m a novelist too. Or aspiring to be one!

I’ve been writing snippets for years but it wasn’t until recently all those snippets wove themselves into a story.

And then that story split itself into a trilogy.

There’s a long way to go, but I have a working title, and I have some characters who I love and respect. And I’ve got the requisite egotistical Big Bad (several, actually!) who will stop at nothing to maintain his own power and influence in the most devious of ways.

Want to know more? Sign up for my newsletter and get sneak peeks, snippets, and an inside look at everything I have planned for kbmiddleton.com!

The woman behind the writing…

I’m Kathleen. The brains, writing, and currently everything else behind K. B. Middleton, LLC. I started this little venture after a couple of really tough years in my life and realizing that what I wanted to do more than anything was to write.

I began my business as a means of supporting myself, but soon also through about ways of expanding to support my family, in particular my brother who has a lot of gifts, but not a lot of ways he can use them. Long, term, my intent is to hire him on as both my packer and my researcher. One allows him to stick to a routine, the other allows him to use his massive talents for retaining information.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. I LOVE the classics, as readers of my blog know full well, but I also like fantasy, thriller, and a good mystery. My other interests include wine, cooking, art, and, of course, the odd bit of travel.

New posts in your inbox

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The Boss

This little ball of fluff is Max. Short for Maxima Desima Meridia.

Yes, we named her for the main character in Gladiator. As you can see, she likes to keep me busy with snuggling and shenanigans when I’m not writing. She’s my absolute best friend, and she has an eye for mess like no one else I’ve ever met!

She also makes sure we run the house like clockwork because, you know, dishes and laundry still have to be done at some point.

I call her the boss because she really is the boss in our household and she’s the true boss behind this business. I may have a raven as my emblem, but the raven is really an emblem of the Quaker parrot behind it all.

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