The Blog

Originally “eftsoons” was an adverb meaning that you are either about to do something again, or are going do something immediately following.

I use it as an adjective to describe myself as a writer. Why?

Well, you’ll have to read my first blog post to find out!

The blog explores part of our mental diet–what we read. I personally believe the old classics have more relevance than ever!

About Me

I am an AWAI trained content writer specializing in blog posts, newsletters, emails, and other forms of “presuasive” copy.

My background is varied. I’ve worked retail, customer service and administrative services for a combined 15 years.

After all that work, I wanted to focus on what I truly loved doing–writing and telling meaningful stories about the products we use and the topics which can change lives.

In business, you’re always telling a story of some kind–whether it’s the story of your capabilities to execute a contract’s requirements or reformatting an employee’s resume to use in a proposal.

My blog tells a bit of my own story as a writer, a consumer, and a reader.

Thank you for visiting and for reading!

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The Boss

This little ball of fluff is Max. Short for Maxima Desima Meridia.

Yes, we named her for the main character in Gladiator. As you can see, she likes to keep me busy with snuggling and shenanigans when I’m not writing.

She also makes sure the house is run like clockwork because, you know, dishes and laundry still have to be done at some point.

She’s bossy but effective and she makes sure this particular writer’s brain stays on point.

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