Services I Offer

My services are listed below. Not sure if your project or needs fit into one of these categories? Schedule a call with me today. There’s no obligation and even if I can’t take on your project, you might come away with a few ideas!

Process Writing

You need processes for a number of business functions. If you’re in industrial trades, then it’s how you ensure you kit all of your safety and government requirements. If you’re just a small business that’s starting to grow, then you need everything from how to run your storefront to how to handle customer complaints.

Process writing is a collaborative effort, you have the information, I have the way with words. Let me put your knowledge into writing so that you can get back to smashing those goals!

Employee Manuals

Ah, the dreaded employee handbook. Where do you start and why doesn’t anyone read them?

Employee manuals are a business tool. Not only do they help document the way you want your business to be run, but they are the foundation of your company culture. Help your employees succeed in their work for your business by giving them straightforward information.

What are some of the manuals you may need?

  • Employee Handbook
  • Safety Manual
  • Product Manual
  • Customer Service Guidelines
  • And more!


Does your business have a blog? Blogs are still one of the most popular ways for prospects to find the products and services they desire. Make sure they choose yours with blog posts that showcase how you can solve their problems.

I offer packages for single and multiple posts, with or without an editorial calendar.


Newsletters are a fun, easy way to connect with both customers and employees.

Not only to they alert your fans to new products and special sales, but they give your business that extra bit of connection. Your customers should feel like they know you!

Employee newsletters let you recognize hard work, retirements, birthdays, new company incentives, and more! Highlight your best and brightest with an internal newsletter that assures both new hires and seasoned veterans that your company is THE place to work!

Newsletters can either be a single commission or a retainer project, depending on how often you want a newsletter to go out.

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