What is Content Writing?

Content writing is anything which your business produces to create awareness around your brand, business, and products.

This includes blogs, videos, podcasts, online ads, free reports, e-books, and more!

This is the type of writing I specialize in!

Do you need Content?

Yes! Every business today needs content!

Content does what store assistants used to do: put the power of choice into your customer’s hands so they will choose YOU.

And it does it by giving them the information they are looking for.

What about SEO, UX, and all that other…stuff?

Ok, some quick definitions:

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

✍️ Allows your business organic traffic–no money for ads needed.

✍️ Should be a consideration on every pieces of content your business produces

✍️My content services already have SEO built in!

UX: User Experience

✍️ Ensures your content, whether it’s a blog, e-book, or website is easy to read and navigate.

✍️Do not confuse UX writing with UX design! UX writing ensures your text is properly laid out, formatted, and optimized for short attention spans. UX design handles where things go.

✍️ UX is also included in my content writing services, however, if UX is your primary consideration, start with a site audit!

What is the value?

I charge by the project–not by the hour. This saves you the headache of timesheets and the worry of going over budget.

All of my services include SEO and UX optimization. These two services themselves can cost thousands of dollars for a single project.

How does your service work?

Start with scheduling a call to discuss your needs. Every business is different! I’ll ask questions about your current marketing, your business goals, your budget, and your pain points.

Once we’ve nailed down what you need me to do, I’ll put together a full proposal for you with all the details of the project. All you have to do is sign the proposal, pay the initial invoice and you’ll be on your way.

Done and dusted.

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